The furniture in your home provides the first impression for the visitors so you can select the Modern Furniture depending on the different themes for the rooms. The Modern Furniture is made up of various types of materials like glass, wood, plastic, steel and granite. The price is based on the type of the material and it also varies for the different companies. The glass furniture must not be suitable for all the environments; many people take more effort in selecting the modern furniture for the living room as they catch the eyes of the guests. If you are in a rented house and have the frequent shifting then you can select the furniture that is comfortable for the transportation.
They inhibit the luxury of the outdoor furniture along with the exquisite traditional touch. If you have the spacious living room then you can opt for the expansive furniture. The Contemporary Furniture is available in bold colors and they are unique in their designs. They are applicable for both the traditional and the modern living. The wooden furniture is best suited as the maintenance is easy along with the pesticide control. The modern apartments mostly use the contemporary designs with the exclusive colors. They are cost effective for its price and the efficiency. You can also order for the designs serving with the traditional purpose. The modern sofa will decorate the interior of your homes and hey can also be used both as a sofa and bed.

A lot of hardships had being dedicated to make Evan Zimmermann the President and CEO of Antiquorum. Nowadays, when auction of Swiss watches is to be taking place then there is only one naming that strikes your mind, Zimmermann. He is known to be a successful entrepreneur and leading corporate architect who had patronized nearly 15 companies. Previously investment advisory firm had seen him as President. This company was said to be handling with private equity funds and hedge funds. Though now he is not a major part of the investment company anymore but he still serves as a board member and an advisor of the company.
For a long time, Evan Zimmermann had being associated with Antiquorum or rather since its birth. It is a Swiss auction House that is found to be specialized in horology. Being established in Geneva, Switzerland in the year, 1974, Antiquorum had been selling vintage watches but then shifted to the auctioning world. Now it has become one of the leaders in offering collectors market a brand of exotic time pieces including clocks, pocket watches and wristwatches. But it was Evan Zimmermann who had brought in a huge profit margin from nearly $22 million to $100 million. All this had happened in just two years and because of him, Antiquorum is where you are viewing right now.
It was under the Zimmermann’s management that Mahatma Gandhi’s pocket watch was being sold for $2.1 million. Even the Rolex Submariner of Steve McQueen’s was being sold for $234,000 which is considered to be much higher than expected. Albert Einstein’s Longines wristwatch was no less as it was being sold at nearly 2000 percent of its estimate, nearly $596,000. These are just few examples of what new history has Antiquorum inscribed under the guidance of the great Evan Zimmermann.
40 year old turnaround specialist has got a lot of personal interest in watches. In his ideal times, he pampers his love for watches and serves over the various websites as to get a brief idea of what is more to add to his rare collection of timeless watches. This was the reason for Evan Zimmermann to quit his previous job and become initially the managing director of Antiquorum, New York. Rolex Comex 1980 had always been his favourite and hence he is ready to grab the new exclusive watches replacing the old ones in his wonderful collection.
Turnaround Specialist of Auction House: Evan Zimmermann
It is none other than Antiquorum who had made it to the top within two years. The whole credit obviously goes to Evan Zimmermann who is presently holding the position of President and CEO at the same time. Though he had 15 years’ of experience in 15 different companies making him a successful entrepreneur and also leading corporate architect, but it was the timeless passion for watches. This forced him to become a part of this auction house which was originally known for selling watches since 1974. The real good times of the Swiss auction house was being felt in his epoch.



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